About US

What is the concept of Souland Estates Homestay?

The Souland Estates Bungalow is a colonial style structure built in 1955. Nestled amidst 22 acres of coffee estate, this is a perfect getaway for your soul. Experience more meanings of "home" through beautiful mornings with piping hot coffees, delicious homemade delights from the secret recipe book handed down over generations, estate walks along elephant corridors, long conversations under the night sky, bonfire evenings, everlasting friendships, and more.. Come, be part of the family. Relax you're home!

Who is my host?

Well, the number of hosts keeps varying across seasons. The man in charge is Jayaprakash, fondly known as JP. He's an Engineering Consultant with about 40 years of experience. His wife, Prabha (who is actually the one in charge ;)) is the lady of the house and loves gardening,cooking and filling up everyone's tummies and spoiling them silly!. They have two daughters Jyothi and Jyothsna, and a granddaughter, Tejas.

What facilities are available in the Homestay?

  • We provide yummy food, both veg and non-veg. Most vegetables are grown on the estate premises under the supervision of the lady of the house, fondly known as Amma! So you can be fully assured of the quality of the food. A buffet can also be arranged for you if you want to eat out in our spacious verandah.
  • We also have uninterrupted high speed WiFi internet that can be accessed from all bedrooms, verandah, hall and dining areas, and sometimes, if you're reaaally lucky, in the gardens as well!
  • Laundry service is available. However, drying clothes during the monsoon season would be slightly difficult, but we'll give it our best shot!
  • Taxis can be arranged on request. You will have to pay the taxi-guys separately but we can definitely recommend some trusted taxi services!
  • You can also avail the absolutely FREE facility of long-drawn conversations with the host family on any topic under the sun! We have in stock lots of stories about the history of Coorg, grandfather's army days, process of cultivating Coffee estates, Amma's adventures with recipe discoveries, and even our love stories, if you are interested! We are also good listeners and love to listen to every story you've got for us!

(Of course this is optional. If you want a quiet time, we shall just talk to each other and not get in your way! We Promise! J )

What you needn't feel shy to ask!

You can treat our home like your own! Therefore, you have full freedom to request for anything you may require during your stay. Well..... almost anything! For eg: extra towels, blankets, toilet paper, hot water in a flask, baby food, cradle, ice cubes, umbrellas etc. You can also request for a shoulder to cry on, a patient ear for boyfriend bitching, a silly mind to understand the joy of being completely silly and other such paraphernalia!

What is off limits?

The kitchen is the powerhouse of the Homestay and is where all the secrets to your content tummies are safely stored. So if you find an "Authorised Personnel Only" board on the kitchen door, it is only there to safeguard some highly important national secrets. If you do trespass this prohibited area, your kidneys will be removed while you are asleep and fed to you for breakfast next morning!

On a lighter note, we get quite busy in the kitchen while we have guests, so it will be difficult to allow self cooking. But you can feel free to walk into the kitchen freely in the following circumstances:

  • If you want to cook baby-food! Our baby guests are our top priority and we will put national security behind us to cater to their needs!
  • If you want to help out in the kitchen. Cutting, chopping, slicing (food items only) are welcome.
  • If there is a flood in the house, the kitchen is the only place you can be assured of finding food to survive till the flood subsides.

Are there any hidden charges? Where is the tiny star that says "conditions apply"?

The tariff is inclusive of all taxes. However, what you might have to consider is:

  • You can choose to eat out during your stay. If you don't want to take chances, you could let us know in advance and we will prepare some yummy dinner for you. Dinner is charged at Rs. 350/- per guest per meal. Children aged 6-12 are charged Rs.150 per meal. Food comprises of a sumptuous spread of Amma's most popular South Indian/ North Indian and Coorg style veg and non-veg dishes. We promise that your taste buds won't be disappointed!
  • If you use our personal vehicles to travel within Coorg, the charges are Rs. 1500 per day, plus fuel charges.
  • Campfires can be arranged on prior request and if the weather permits at a charge of Rs.1000.
  • We do not own a card swiping machine. Please pay in cash or via online transfer.
  • Cancellation policy: 50% refund up to seven days prior to arrival.
  • That's all!

Anything else I should know?

  • Cloud 9 is a pet friendly cottage, so bring along those cuddly family members as well.
  • Our place is listed on Google Maps, so if you have a GPS it will bring you right to our doorstep.
  • Closest ATM: Valnoor 2 kms
  • Closest airport: Mysore (100 kms), Mangalore (200 kms), then Bangalore (250 kms)
  • Closest railway station: Mysore (100 kms)
  • Check in time 2 pm
  • Check Out time is 1 pm
  • Lunch is not provided at the Homestay.

For any other information, feel free to write to us. Our contact details are available here.

Souland Estates Homestay, No Place Like Home!