Posted September 2014

Our hosts were fantastic. We felt at home the moment we reached the house. Mr. Jayaprakash and his family are excellent hosts. I should give a special mention for the food served to us for every meal. It was wonderful. Aunty is a great cook and she made sure that we left with happy stomachs at the end of every meal. The place and the surroundings are beautiful and peaceful. The sounds of the birds and crickets in the evenings make it so much more wonderful to be there. The rooms are huge and absolutely clean and the stay is very comfortable. Last but not the least, We had some excellent conversations with the hosts on numerous topics like politics, epics, good books. The hosts are very well read and are very loving and affectionate. If we go back to Coorg, I would definitely love to go back and stay with them.

Posted January 2014

Souland estates lies on a sprawling estate and the drive getting there is gorgeous.What set this apart from most homestays is the hospitality of the hOst family. We were well received, had a huge clean room, had yummy home cooked meals of the local cuisine, had great conversation with Jyothi, her parents and husband, and many stories were swapped - perfect for a break from the city!

Posted February 2015

It was my sister's birthday and I gifted her and my bro-in-law this short stay. They just couldn't stop raving about the place and the people. Everyone in the host family made them feel extremely welcome and I can't thank Jyothi and her family enough for the wonderful experience my folks had. My sister insisted that I should go to Souland asap to meet the warm people and beautiful surroundings. I am already planning a visit in March :))

Posted March 2015

A wonderful Airbnb experience! Jyothi and her family are absolutely delightful hosts. They went above and beyond to make our stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The food in particular was amazing. Definitely recommend Souland Estates for a relaxing vacation away from the crowds in the pleasant hills of Coorg.

Posted January 2014

Great hosts! The family gave us a very warm reception and helped us in every possible way. The food prepared by them was finger licking good. The people were very cordial and we spent a lot of time talking to them. The stay became the highlight of the trip!
Looking forward to visit them again. At the end of the trip, it felt like we were returning after visiting a family member!
Highly recommended.

Posted October 2014

Amazing Hosts, authentic Coorg food and a wonderful location.
The Property & Location:The estate and its surroundings is what we pictured Coorg to be, in fact it sure exceeded our own expectations. The long walks though coffee and pepper plantations was most definitely the highlight of our 3 day vacation . We highly recommend souland for a some peaceful and relaxed time compared to the chaos of Madikeri and its surroundings. You might not get cellular network but to be honest it was a blessing in disguise to be free of constant calls, emails...The WiFi facility is free with excellent speed though you might need to come to the main house of the hosts to get good signal strength.
The Cottage: A beautiful private garden, open shower, open air colonial bathtub, small pantry wont leave much else to ask for.
The Hosts: Mr Jayaprakash, his wife and his daughter Jyothsana made sure every need of ours was looked after with utmost love and affection.
The Food: We had plans to try many restaurants and local eateries but it was a no brainer after our first meal that we were going to eat our every meal with them. It won't be out of line to suggest long travel just to come and dine here.
Lot of love to Jyothsana for baking such an amazing cake for birthday celebration.
Its absolute value for money and very well be one of the best ways to enjoy Coorg.

Posted April 2015

Very good experience - location marked perfectly on google. No trouble finding it - hosts are very nice people and made sure our stay was very comfortable, while still giving us privacy in the house - the house itself is HUGE with huge rooms and bathrooms. Its very nice outside too with lots of greenery and animals - Mrs Jayaprakash makes excellent food esp the desserts - our group had three kids and Mrs Jayaprakash helped us a lot with the kids food.etc - the place is just 6 kms from Dubare elephant camp

Posted October 2014

Homely cozy and warm!!!” A very beautiful cozy homestay nestled in between Madikeri and Kushalnagar. We were looked after very well by the owners with whom we had great conversations over delicious food and coffee. My toddler loved running around the quaint huge bungalow and we had open access to the kitchen for her meals. Highly recommended for those looking for a serene place amidst the beauty of nature

Posted October 2014

Feels like home”The hosts made us feel comfortable from the moment we arrived. Very spacious place in a very pleasant setting. The food was excellent and varied enough to satisfy all of our different peculiar tastes from authentic Coorgi non-veg to pure vegetarian food. Like another reviewer said, I didn't really have to learn much about what to do after reaching Coorg - they pretty much chalked everything out for us.I am looking forward to my next visit!