House Rules

The concept of the Homestay is unique in itself. In a Homestay, the hosts stay with the guests and take care of them like their own family. This ensures that the guests have the best taste of a real Coorg experience! At Souland Estates, we have three bedrooms which we let our to our guests. The guests are free to access all common areas, including garden, dining and estates.

A 50 year old bungalow built in the colonial style with high ceilings, and a scent of the antique, the Homestay is easily accessible by road and is well equipped with ample parking space. There is Wi-Fi connectivity and round the clock power and water supply. Hot water is provided through our solar water heating system. During monsoons or cloudy days, hot water can be arranged on request within thirty minutes.

The authentic Coorg and south Indian cuisine served at the Homestay is prepared with care with fresh vegetables grown in the vegetable garden on the property, whenever available, under careful supervision, we promise you that it's not just your taste buds that will leave you asking for more.

Dinner is arranged on prior request and charged at 350/ guest/ meal for adults and 150 for children aged 6-12.

Lunch is not provided at the Homestay.

Breakfast is usually one item of South Indian or Coorg style dishes.

Please remember that Souland Estates is a Homestay and NOT a hotel/resort.

Kitchen access is not provided, unless it is to cook baby food for kid guests.

Driver charges are rs. 500/ night inclusive of breakfast.

On some booking platforms, the place is listed as 'Entire Home'. Except for our private sleeping quarters of the hosts, and kitchen, all spaces can be used by the guests.

There might be other guests sharing the bungalow with you. Please confirm with the host if you require complete privacy.

Please be kind and friendly to the guests who might be sharing the bungalow with you.

Request for coffee/tea will be entertained between 7 am and 7 pm ONLY.

Linen change is done on the third day only.

Please keep your rooms and surroundings clean.

Please note that your children are our VIP guests and we do not restrict access to any part of the house.The Homestay has a lot of antiques and ancestral items of sentimental value displayed on the property. Please make sure that you or your children do not damage anything.

Please note that the Kitchen is out of bounds for guests, except for guests who require to cook food for their babies. As the kitchen is a very busy space, and we prepare food for multiple guest groups, unless you wish to help out, please do not enter the kitchen.

We do not use separate utensils to cook veg and non-veg food. Specific food requirements and conditions must be conveyed to the hosts well in advance.

Request for bonfire must be made before 3 pm and can only be arranged based on weather conditions and manpower availability. Bonfires are charged separately at rs. 1000

A separate accommodation can be arranged for Drivers. The hosts must be informed in advance if there is a driver accompanying the guests. Driver charges are rs. 500 / night, inclusive of complimentary breakfast. Additional meals will be charged as per the usual meal policy of the Homestay, If the guests wish the driver to be accommodated in the bungalow, additional guest charges will apply as usual.

An additional rs.2000 is collected as a security deposit, and will be refunded to you when you check out.

Bargaining for discounts and special offers will not be entertained after arrival/ check in.

The Homestay reserves the right to refuse accommodation to anyone after making a booking, or even after arrival, if found incompatible or uncomfortable.

All disputes may be raised with the booking portal and actions taken accordingly.

Cancellation policy: Refund of 50% of the amount until one week up to the the date of arrival.

Please consider the Homestay as your own home. Do not hesitate to ask if you require anything during your stay with us. We will try our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible with our limitations as a Homestay.

Addtional rules for The Granary:

Smoking in The Granary is strictly prohibited. The entire structure is made up of wood and smoking will be a serious fire hazard.

The Granary is powered by Solar Energy with a KEB back-up. An inverter is also provided at cottage. Do call the hosts if you have any issues during your stay at the Granary.

There is no Air Conditioner in The Granary. A ceiling fan is provided for your comfort.

Additional rules for Cloud 9 Honeymoon Cottage:

This is the only pet-friendly accommodation in the premises. There is an outdoor bathtub installed in the lawns of Cloud 9 Cottage. Please note that pets are not allowed in the bathtub.

There is no Air Conditioner in the cottage. A ceiling fan is provided for your comfort.

Additional rules for The Mango Tree:

There is no specific Drivers' Accommodation in The Mango Tree. If the Driver wishes to be accommodated in the Guest House, additional guest charges will apply as usual.

Bonfires cannot be arranged on the property since it is a residential area and will prove to be a potential fire hazard.

Food is not provided at The Mango Tree. There is a well equipped kitchen if you wish to cook basic meals. While some basic provisions are provided at the guest house, Sidapur town has enough options for buying all the ingredients/ provisions you may need during your stay. Please note that the town sleeps by 8 am, so do plan your shopping accordingly.

While we encourage you to enjoy yourself, please be mindful of your neighbors and see that you do not disturb them in any manner.

Please wash ALL the dishes that you use.

Please switch off all lights and electrical devices when not in use.

There is no servant to come and clean the house everyday. Please keep the house clean.

Linen change is done on the third day only.

Check in and check out is not allowed between 7 pm and 7 am.

Please call the hosts at least half an hour before you reach The Mango Tree, so that we can be present on time to help you with the check in process.

Please call the hosts only 40 minutes before you intend to check out. Time is precious, for you and for us too!